[Dec 21] Impending uprising


The revolution is coming. Watch out.

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[Dec 20] Personal brew


Caffeine and alcohol might seem like opposites: one is an upper, the other is a downer. But for unwinding, for catching up, or even just for killing time, coffee and beer are practically interchangeable.

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[Dec 19] Mystery mascot


Really, what in the world is Grimace? A purple milk shake? A jelly? A taste bud? And why in the world is he (she? it?) just so adorable?

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[Dec 18] Season’s feastings


What is the holiday season if not an excuse to eat your heart out. As they say, the family that eats together stays together.

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[Dec 17] Early rounds


With just one week left before Christmas, Santa’s already starting his rounds. Be nice, kids!

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[Dec 16] Be healthy, be happy


The key to being healthy is to have a balanced diet, do regular exercise, and lay off the fast food. Being happy and making people happy also helps. So you, Mr Bee, are gonna be all right.

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[Dec 15] Injecting trust


If you let your co-residents prick needles into you, you either trust them enough with your life, or just have no choice.

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[Dec 14] Forward and back


Life is a mix of ups and downs, accomplishments and disappointments, breakthroughs and setbacks. The best thing to do is to just keep going, wherever you are, and always enjoy the game.

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[Dec 13] Beacon of guidance


When you’re lost, unable to see the horizon, and can’t find the ground, look for the constants in your life. Find that bright light or that stable tower, and let it guide you to safety and happiness

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[Dec 12] It came… from the holidays


The things Christmas horror stories are made of: Some kind of snowman/alien/ghost hybrid. It goes through walls to spread the Christmas spirit, there’s nowhere to hide!

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