[Dec 31] Storm before the calm

dec-312016 has been such a tumultuous year. Political upheavals, social turmoil, economic disasters. Everyday we have been hit by waves of bad news and gales of gory images. And yet, we survived. And by surviving, we are rewarded by the hidden beauty in the world: strangers helping strangers, the youth being agents of change, people being aware of the environment. Congrats for weathering the storm that was 2016, and here’s to a sunnier (and saltier and sandier) 2017!

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[Dec 30] Forever young


You can never be too old to enjoy the wackiness of a photobooth.

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[Dec 29] Truckload of fun


The happiest place in the world could be in your backyard!

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[Dec 28] Commuter music


The blind street musician, a staple all over the world. Just keeps on playing, no matter how small or large the tip. Rock on, sir!

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[Dec 27] Tabletop rumble


In the left corner, standing at 7″ and weighing in at 0.75lbs, the Mechanical Messiah! And in the right corner, weighing in at 2 lbs with a 4″ reach, the Treaded Terror!

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[Dec 26] Show of love


Hearts and kisses aren’t just for Valentine’s.

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[Dec 25] Christmas feast


Christmas is about the greatest gift of all: Family, food, family to share the food with, and more than enough food for the whole family! Happy holidays!

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[Dec 24] Sacred cargo

Dec 24.JPG

Ah Christmas gift shopping, the venerable tradition. Have you been naughty or nice this year?

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[Dec 23] The trek to the top

Dec 23.JPG

No one reaches the top alone. There are always people who go up with you, will lead you up, or push you to go even higher. Find those people and let them take you to the peak.

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[Dec 22] Star for just one season


The Pinoy Parol, the unmistakable symbol of Christmas in the country. What was once a beacon for wise men to come and worship is now a beacon for friends and family to gather and be merry.

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